Two Monroe County fire company carnivals go head to head this week.

The Pocono Mountain and the Pocono Township Fire Companies have always tried to run their carnivals on different weeks.

But this year, their largest fundraisers are happening this week at the same time.

It's not known how the two got their weeks crossed. 

You’ve probably spotted these carnival signs posted all over Monroe County with this week’s dates. But you may not have realized there’s two happening. Unless of course you’ve come across posts on social media.

Pocono Township Fire Company President Chris Kinsley, Sr. says, "I’ll be honest, I’m very disappointed in Mount Pocono."

Pocono Township Fire Company maintains this week’s dates are the ones they’ve always used since their carnival started 82 years ago in Tannersville. Pocono Mountain Fire Company tells us they don’t think that’s the case but ultimately their 97th annual dates in Mount Pocono came down to their ride company contract.

Pocono Mountain Fire Company Carnival Chairman Randy Altemose says, "Everybody’s at the mercy of the amusement vendors, they have their schedules."

Previously both companies had the same amusement vendor. Pocono Mountain signed a new contract in 2021 for this week’s dates through next year.

Kinsley says, "The ride company was partially involved in messing up the dates but I still feel Mount Pocono could’ve said no so now we’re going to run head to head."

Last year they were booked the same week and Pocono Mountain moved their dates. But this year Pocono Township’s contract with the vendor ran out.

Altemose says, "Our amusement vendor is already booked with us for that week so they decided I guess to go out and get another ride vendor and run the same weeks."

We’re told Pocono Township couldn’t move their dates because of planned vacations. And both feel there’s too much riding on this fundraiser to join forces. The money is used to pay for equipment instead of tax payer dollars.

Kinsley says, "They make their money, we make our money and by joining together I don’t think that would double the profits. We need what we make and they need what they make."

Now it’s just a friendly competition. Both companies encourage everyone to check out both carnivals. Afterall the money goes back to the community.

Altemose says, "Wish them all the best and hope they do well and we do well."

Both Pocono Township and Pocono Mountain’s carnivals run for six nights each.