Not only does Dave hail from the Honesdale area, he continued to keep it local by going to Mansfield University on the western edge of the Blue Ridge Cable area.  Upon graduating in 2002 with a Communications degree, he was hired as a Master Control Operator here at BRC13 and the rest is history.

When opportunity Knocks, Dave opens the door.  In 2013 he continued his education through Mississippi State‚Äôs GeoScience Department and spent the next three years successfully completing the Broadcast Meteorological Certification Program.  In January of 2017, Dave was hired as a full-time meteorologist at BRC13.

Growing up in the Poconos, Dave knows just how wild the weather can get.  From the hot and humid summers to the harsh winter weather, there is always something going on and he is happy to bring it home LIVE at 5.