A new program in Monroe County to help veterans get a hand up on the homefront is not getting the response organizers hoped they'd receive. Officials need to get the word out to reach more servicemen and women. News13's Nicole Walters shares what "Walk In Wednesday" is about.

Bags of nonperishable food items are checked this morning inside Paul’s House in Jonas. The Valor Clinic Foundation has many lined up and ready to go for "Walk In Wednesday."

Valor Clinic Founder Mark Baylis says, "This is the third month. It seems like we’re starting to get a little uptick. We’ve had a few more people than we’ve had in the past. That’s great so we’re going to keep running it."

Army Veteran Victor Arocho recently moved to Tamaqua and is one of those people stopping by today.

Arocho says, "A friend of mine told me about this place, he says they help veterans and they have a lot of different stuff that people can use."

Named in honor of the walk servicemen and women made for their country, the program offers food, clothing, hygiene items and household goods the third Wednesday of every month. Arocho picked out some much needed furniture.

Arocho says, "Everything is expensive these days, everything is going up, rent food and everything so every time you move, you always have expenses, last minute expenses that is definitely going to help us out to get on our feet."

But the nonprofit has a lot more to give away, a few sheds full that they’re trying to get the word out for veterans to come take advantage of the donations.

Baylis says, "A lot of pillows and linens, we have lamps coming out of our nose and handicap walkers. Pots, pans, dishes, couches, dressers, bed frames."

Even if you don’t need anything, the nonprofit would love to see you “walk in” for a cup of coffee.

Baylis says, "This is a place for vets and we hope they come out and either benefit from from the resources here or enjoy some fellowship with other veterans."

Arocho says, "There’s many places that do things for veterans and it’s nice that we have places like that in our backyard, and actually take care of us and this definitely something that makes our day."

The next Walk In Wednesday is June 19th from 9am to 4pm. You just need to show up at Paul’s House in Jonas with proof of service.