Quilting may be considered a lost art today. But a group of realtors in Monroe County have found their stitch in time. Now they’re using the patch work to bring the community together and give back.

Selling houses isn’t the only thing happening at Keller Williams Real Estate in Stroudsburg.

Realtors are hard at work quilting.

Keller Williams Real Estate Realtor Marijke Picca says, "You sit here and you just kind of take in the day and the people that you’re with, and you’re working with something with your hands so it’s a really good break."

Keller Williams Real Estate Realtor Michael Wlodarczyk says, "Take an opportunity to get away from my phone, get away from my computer and I always enjoy hanging out with everybody that comes."

Agent Rosalie Bueti got the staff into the craft last year.

Pocono Quilting Bee Project Founder Rosalie Bueti says, "I’ve been a lifelong quilter and being a busy real estate agent, you know that kind of goes to the wayside. So after talking with a business coach, he suggested that I find time to do what I love."

It’s called the Pocono Quilting Bee Project.

Bueti says, "It’s really to have the community join us to quilt, have fun, but also to support the cause."

The group which meets the first and third Tuesday of every month at 3pm inside their Park Avenue office has been busy making these one-of-kind masterpieces to donate. This time they’re going to Angel’s Closet.

Bueti says, "That’s a not-for-profit organization that provides baby bundles to new moms in need."

Picca says, "These are being made in your own community, being given to our own community so it’s definitely, it’s a good feeling."

The handiwork may look intimidating but not when you take it piece by piece.

Bueti says, "There's many parts to quilting so there’s everything from measuring, to cutting, to ironing and the end result is pretty amazing."

And we’re told anyone can quilt, except maybe when it comes to cutting. 

Wlodarczyk says, "If you didn’t cut it right, then the whole thing is going to be messed up. So it’s a very important first step. It’s the cornerstone of the quilt so I like to take care of the cutting."

For Bueti, she’s found her stitch.

Bueti says, "I think it’s important for each of us to do something worthwhile. This happens to be my thing. But I urge everybody to find that something in their heart to do well in the community."

And she hopes you’ll learn to sew a new passion with the Pocono Quilting Bee Project this Tuesday, April 2nd in Stroudsburg.