Hundreds of frozen turkeys are desperately needed to ensure local heroes have a happy Easter dinner. The Valor Clinic Foundation has less than half of the birds needed for their annual Holiday Meal distribution.

The Holiday Meal preparations are well-underway inside The Valor Clinic Foundation Food Pantry at the former Camp Trexler Cub Scout Dining Hall in Jonas. Volunteers are busy bagging sweet potatoes for over 500 struggling veterans this Easter.

Their shelves are stocked with all the fixings, including canned goods, stuffing and desserts. But when it comes to the centerpieces, more than half are missing.

Valor Clinic Holiday Meal Coordinator Susan Schwarz says, "We are still in need of turkeys, 300 to be exact. And we’re asking for the support of the community to come forward and help us with that."

It’s a call to rally with deliveries starting to go out this coming Monday.

Schwarz says, "It is very close and very nerve racking."

We’re told holidays can be a trigger for veterans in dealing with the emotional scars of war.

Valor Clinic Founder Mark Baylis says, "The enemies like to attack us on our holidays and it’s the time often the veterans are missing home the most."

But something as simple as providing a turkey can mean all the difference, even a thank you for their sacrifice.

Baylis says, "The fourth biggest reason for veteran suicide is long-term financial unemployment problems. So when they’re trying to pick between paying the electric bill or celebrating a holiday, at the same time a trigger point is happening, it’s not a good combination."

Those in charge tell us the community made up their shortage for Thanksgiving but understand the tough economy hasn’t gotten any better.

Schwarz says, "Really stressing some support from the community and they’re always so wonderful to us, they support us 100 percent all the time."

They’re asking anyone who can help to please drop off a turkey at the former Camp Trexler Cub Scout Dining Hall in Jonas by Saturday. Just call Paul’s House first at 570-664-6468 to make sure someone is there.