A Monroe County park is expanding as more property is added to it.

Pocono Township is in the process of buying a little over five acres next to TLC Park on Route 611. It includes one of the last historic properties in Tannersville.

Driving along Route 611 in Tannersville, the building known as Glenwood Hall sticks out as a glimpse of the past.

Real Estate Broker for Glenwood Hall Property Jennifer Wise says, "The front building was from 1832. It really is the last true historic building on the Pocono Township corridor on 611."

And it won’t be lost. It’s set to live on exactly how the owners envisioned.

Wise says, "They’re delighted that that will be preserved. They painstakingly maintained the front building that has 10 units in it over the years. And it was their parents wish that it would be preserved for a park."

Pocono Township is in the process of buying the historic property that sits next to TLC Park. The commissioners just voted to execute a sale agreement. They’ve been dedicated to improving the community space with new amenities like a splash pad. Now there will be even more room to play with.

Pocono Township Manger Taylor Munoz says, "It’s a little bit over a a five acre parcel next to our roughly 10 acre park so it would be about a 50 percent addition in terms of size and scope of our park and give us additional flexibility. Expand some opportunities to be able to restore the building itself and offer some community services there whether it’s meeting space, senior day center, there’s many options."

The purchase will also provide more access to Pocono Creek and create a greenway to what the township hopes will be its new municipal complex at a former community college.

Wise says, "I think that having a trail that can eventually connect the TLC Park down to Northampton Community College and run down along the Pocono Creek and then traverse back on the other side is a fantastic loop for the community and its residents."

Real Estate Broker Jennifer Wise is also a Pocono Township resident who says she can’t wait to walk it every day.