October is breast cancer awareness month,  for those that have gone through breast cancer treatments and surgery, it can be a traumatic experience. A local doctor and beauty bar owner in Monroe County says there's many options to help you look like you again, News 13's Ameenah Thompson has more in this report.

Dr. Jacqueline Oxenberg here at the Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute says, "A breast cancer diagnosis can be stressful to begin with many people do fear that they have to lose their breast but losing one breast is a personal decision the size of the tumor the patient risk factors if the tumor is multiple different areas."

Dr. Oxenberg surgical oncologist tells us they have multiple techniques that don't involve removal of breast but when they do they understand how traumatizing that can be.

Dr. Oxenberg tells us, "We do know that it can be mentally tolling."

Oxenberg says in some cases they can spare the nipple and areola.

Dr. Oxenberg says, "There are many options out there to help somebody feel like themselves."

Owner Katherine Hiller says, "We have a paramedical facility here...the scar camouflaging that comes from breast cancer survivors who may have had their areola or nipple removed we can go there and we can do an areola tattoo also a 3-d nipple so it appears as though you have a areola and a nipple there."

Owner of Katherine Hiller's Beauty Bar in Stroud Township tells us its so rewarding to be able to provide a service of self care for those who are feeling a little self conscious.

Hiller says, "It makes them feel whole it makes them feel beautiful again because scaring can be traumatic, you're going to make me cry because I know that I'm making a difference in someone's life."

Hiller offers a variety of other services here..those interested can visit her website to book a free 30 minute consultation. katsbeautyink.com 

Hiller says, "Eyebrows as far as permanent makeup is concerned I also do lip blushing, micro pigmentation make a hair follicle like tattoo on the hair that looks and appears that hair is growing out of the scalp.

She says she's made it her job to make sure everyone who walks through her doors feel good.

Client Kari Kirk says, "I look normal and it has made me less stressed in my life Katherine removed a stressor from my life."

Ameenah Thompson in Monroe County for News 13