Monroe County residents have one last chance this year to get rid of hazardous household waste, as News 13's Ameenah Thompson tells us now is the time to check out your garage and basement.

Marketing director Salena Borsuk says, "We are having a household hazardous waste collection event at our Military Road recycling site that's located in Stroudsburg 1114 Military Road Stroudsburg Pa."

Salena Borsuk marketing director here at Monroe County waste authority tells us this event is only for Monroe County residents.

Borsuk says, "We have antifreeze, adhesives, floor cleaners, oil based paint is a big one, household chemicals."

Borsuk says this event will be a great benefit for the Monroe County community in many ways.

Borsuk adds, "The household hazardous waste cause a lot of health concerns with the general public you have all these different chemicals around collecting dust if you have pets they can get into the antifreeze which is poisonous to pets."

She says the same goes for children..if you have kids at home this is not something you would want them to mishandle.

Borsuk says, "It could lead to pollution in our water table if you dump it out on the ground which is illegal."

Residents interested in bringing their household items should pre-register on their website

Borsuk tells us, "Prepay online they'll get an email confirmation which they need to bring with them on the day of the event they show us their registration we check them in we send them around back where they'll collect the items that they had prepaid for." 

She says the costs varies depending on the items brought in.

Borsuk says, "It ranges most of items start at one dollar and different items have different pricing but it does start at one dollar and we tried to make it feasible for Monroe County residents."

The event will be held this Saturday right here from 8 a-m until 2 p-m and this will be the last hazardous waste collection until next spring, Ameenah Thompson in Monroe County for News 13...