Three lucky veterans get the gift of a faithful friend today, as News 13's Ameenah Thompson tells us, it's just one of the many ways the VALOR clinic is healing the invisible wounds of our vets.

Donald Harrell Army veteran says, "Its kind of exciting and a little nervous because I had two dogs I recently lost they were sisters and but I it was twelve years ago that I trained them little bit younger and a little bit more patience then so I have a little bit of anxiety about today."

The VALOR clinic foundation a Pocono organization that helps people who served in the military will be doing something major for some vets today.

Mark Baylis VALOR ClinicFoundation Founder says, "We're providing some puppies the we provide companion dogs occasionally for veterans and I think these take us up to forty-five over the ten years we've been doing this."

Donald Harrell says, "I look forward to companionship."

Mark Baylis says, "They're a very helpful tool for veterans dealing with the world and peace readjustment a loving companion to take their mind out of their own head and feel a little appreciation is always good who doesn't feel good with a puppy?"

Christian Hieber Army Reserve veteran says, "Its great just you know for people to think about veterans and you know and giving them a gift like this is unbelievable."

Air Force Veteran Jennifer Hieber says, "I'm so excited for this opportunity for our family my kids are so excited we lost our eleven year old black lab last spring to cancer and I know they've been wanting a new lab in the family and when this opportunity came up it was just the right time."

They all say they couldn't be more grateful for valor..for making their homes complete again.

Donald Harrell says, "VALOR is a great organization they certainly can use support whether donations through monetary means or food clothing they provide a great resource for veterans in need."

Mark Baylis says, "In order to do these things we rely on grassroots fundraisers and we have a patriots ball coming up on Veteran's day."

Baylis says it's a good time to get some friends together on Veteran's day for dancing and for an even better cause.

Mark Baylis says, "We're at Terraview at the Stroudsmoor from 630 to 1130 and they can register at their website" 

If you'd like to help valor in their effort to continue offering support puppies consider attending their upcoming fundraiser, Ameenah Thompson in Kunkletown for News 13.