Dogs at Monroe County’s Animal Shelter will soon be living in spacious cage-free comfort in memory of a lifelong volunteer. But the community’s help is still needed to honor his legacy.

Frank Lanterman’s love of man’s best friend is living on at AWSOM Animal Shelter in Stroud Township.

AWSOM Operations VP Brandon Overbeck says, "He would come in every day, feed the dogs treats. He’s donated a lot to us so we wanted to do something in his honor so we did get to speak with him before he passed away and we’re going to renovate everything in his name now."

The Frank Lanterman Legacy Kennel House is going to provide dogs waiting for their forever homes much nicer accommodations. The remodeling, complete with noise-reducing technologies, will start March 28th with everything being repainted and torn out of the current three decades old kennel.

Overbeck says, "There will be no more chain link like what we have now. It will be tempered glass to make the dogs feel more at home instead of being in a cage all the time."

The shelter received an 80 thousand dollar grant from the ESSA Foundation towards the estimated 190 thousand dollar state-of -the art project. And we’re told it’s greatly needed— especially when it comes to safety.

AWSOM Staff Member Brian Kim says, "Because the kennel is so old, a lot of the chain link parts are rusted and there’s some chain link that actually sticks out."

It’s also going to be a big help when it comes to cleaning. Kim is looking forward to the new epoxy floors. He’s been cleaning the cages for the past seven years.

Kim says, "Everything will be uniform, it’ll be so much easier for us to clean and also the tiles, I don’t know how long they’ve been here so they’re old, the grouts are coming out and it’s not the best conditions.

But in order to make that happen the shelter needs your help. You can sponsor a kennel for $5,000 or there are other ways to donate.

Overbeck says, "Other sponsorships which will be out soon. We have to board the dogs which will cost us around 30 dollars a day so if anybody can donate to that, that would be great or even just dog food."

While the work is happening their four legged friends will be in foster homes and at Naughty Dog Kennels in Cresco. But the staff members won’t have to miss them.

Kim says, "Staff members will actually go to these boarding facilities and walk them, feed them and just socialize them."

The renovation is expected to take about a month. And it’s sure to be the one treat that never ends in Frank Lanterman’s honor.