If you don't have a date this Valentine's Day, why not have a blind date with a book.

Who knows... you may even fall in love with a genre you don't think is your type.

All next month, visitors can participate in the Palmerton Library's "Blind Date with a Book." Books will be wrapped to hide the title.

People will be given clues to decide if they want to check it out. If you take the book home, a raffle ticket will be entered in a drawing for a handmade sweet treat. Responses have been quite positive since the library started the event several years ago.

"It's the mystery of it. They get maybe one or two or even three clues to say what the book is about and that's part of the intrigue. That's part of the whole kind of fun of it."

The library is allowing two to three entries per person to keep the raffle fair. The drawing for the prize is the last day of February.