The attack on Pearl Harbor was eighty years ago today.

The Lehighton U.V.O. is making sure the day that went down in infamy is not forgotten. They held a ceremony at Memorial Park. A retired Navy vet shared his story. His father fought in World War II and he spent three years serving in Hawaii where he saw constant reminders of the history changing event every day.

"Without December 7th the world as we know it could be significantly changed from what it is now. When would we as the United States ever have gotten into the war and if we had not gotten into the war and what would have happened. But as a result of that it changed for the better and we as a country ended up being essentially the leader of the free world."

The attack at Pearl Harbor was also a day of bravery. Fifteen medals of honor were awarded. Fifty-one Navy crosses and Fifty-three silver stars were earned.

"Thousand's of other acts of heroism occurred that day eighty years ago. Many of those acts were not recognized with medals because documentation was not a priority. Saving others and fighting another day in order to defeat those who brought the war became the job."

Eight U.S. battleships were damaged. One hundred eighty-eight U.S. aircraft were destroyed and two thousand four-hundred-three Americans died on this day in Pearl Harbor eighty years ago.