The launch of a new wine fulfills the last wish of a Lehigh County resident who lost her battle with cancer.

Makala Ashmar of Allentown was a champion of many causes. Now a wine bearing her name will continue to help others.

Today For Pete's Sake Respite Foundation launched "Makala's Wine." In 2018, Makala was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the bile duct. In 2019 the foundation sent Makala and her family on a travel respite experience to be together in a relaxing environment. Before she passed away she wanted to give other cancer patients the same opportunity. She asked the foundation to make a wine label in her name with all the proceeds going to the mission of respite for families facing cancer.

"It's amazing. It's something that Makala wanted before she passed away this was something that she asked for Pete's Sake to do and so I'm happy that it came to fruition."

"She was able to meet Philip and the winemaker Stewart prior to her passing and really give them kind of the secret blend that she wanted based on her own preferences for a white wine."

Makala's Wine was made possible with generous help from The Wine Foundry in Napa California. To find out more about Makala's story, her wine, and the foundation, visit