The Carbon County Clerk of Courts seat is up for grabs in this years election. Sydney Wernett from the Prothonotary's office is taking on incumbent Clerk of Courts Tyra Boni..

Wernett is the protection from abuse clerk in the Prothonotary's office. She's also a former deputy sheriff. She said she's running for Clerk of Courts to more effectively run the office.

"I've heard there's issues with the current office holder so i decided to step up to the plate and run for office instead of sitting behind the lines and complaining." she said.

Wernett wants to make sure outstanding restitution payments do not go to a collection agency - keeping them all in house. She said county collections just needs to take a couple extra steps.

"They could be doing wage attachments through our prothonotary's office - it's right in our backyard."Wernett said, "And then along with that you can check sheriff's sales along with a tax claims sales to see if they own property. And that way you can help recuperate that money."

Wernett has held multiple jobs in county government and is confident she can do this job the best.

"I have the background. I have the experience along with the education. I know and understand what needs to be done." Wernett said.

Tyra Boni took office in 2019 and has continued cleaning up the backlogged paperwork left by a disgraced predecessor. She said everything is now done in short order.

"24 hour processing of paperwork as it comes in the office. It's processed that quickly." Boni said, "Filed away in the proper places in those files where the judges appreciate to see."

Boni wants to partner with a collection agency called Penn Credit to get outstanding restitution payments dating as far back as 1999. She's set up payment plans to collect 19 of the 25 million dollars owed. The other six million is owed by people who are hard to find with mailing addresses that return to sender.

"Those individuals that are owed that money. The county. The taxpayers. The victims and the restitution that's owed needs to be paid. Needs to be collected upon." Boni said, "So I would definitely try to, again, revisit a collection agency - third party - at no cost to the county."

Boni thinks she's the best choice to remain in the Clerk of Courts office. She's made the office better already and she says her work has just begun.

"Working in this office for the last 22 months we've accomplished so much. We've streamlined the office. We've improved the processes of the office. We've taken the office to a higher level." Boni said.

Election day is Tuesday November 2nd.