An eatery in Monroe County’s West End is going pink for October. Cherry’s Family Restaurant in Kresgeville is spreading awareness about breast cancer and fundraising to surprise a local family currently fighting the disease. As News13’s Nicole Walters discovered it’s something that hits close to home for the employees.

Cherry's Family Restaurant Waitress Laura Cribb says, "They told me he was not going to see his first birthday. The second doctor told me he was definitely going to lose his eyes. But he fought the odds and he’s here."

Cribb is talking about her son Jaden who’s now 13-years-old. He was born with a rare childhood cancer called Bilateral Retinoblastoma. After  six rounds of chemo and many trips to doctors in Philadelphia, he’s free of the disease and only has to wear hearing aids and glasses.

Cribb says, "Insurance does not cover a lot and it’s costly and you’re out of work and the traveling and everything, where you’re going to stay and the food. It all adds up and there’s a lot of help out there that a lot of people aren’t aware of."

That’s why a couple years ago Jaden started Rely For Life and they started fundraising to help other families and spread awareness.

Cribb says, "It’s important to get the word out there too that a lot of people can go to their social worker and get extra help. There’s so many organizations that pay for electric, your rent, there’s so many things, even just gas and tolls."

Now with the help of Cherry’s Family Restaurant in Kresgeville where Cribb works, She’s starting a grassroots effort this month for breast cancer.

Cherry's Family Restaurant Manager Mary Battaglino says, "I know that everybody does a foundation, I just wanted to keep it within the West End area. And so 100 percent of the profits would stay to a local family that has been affected and that they could really benefit."

So far through selling raffle tickets to win a $50 gift card to Cherry’s and just accepting donations, they’ve raised about $2,000.

Cribb says, "I just hope that the community knows how much we do appreciate everything during this stressful time and with everything negative out there right now, I just thought this something positive."

They’re also holding a lantern luminary release here in the restaurant’s parking lot on October 27th at 6PM and you’re invited to show your support and remember lives lost.

Battaglino says, "As a community, we’ll all light them and release them into the air and you can either buy a lantern with a pink heart on it or a lantern in memory of and you can write the name of your family member."

Just drop by Cherry’s Family Restaurant on Route 209 to buy a voucher for a lantern, participate in the raffle or donate. They plan to surprise one of their customers who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the event next Wednesday with the money raised. The ultimate goal is to highlight a different cancer every month at the restaurant. Because nobody fights alone in Kresgeville, Nicole Walters, News13.