Mothers who can’t work, can’t get out of poverty. A nonprofit in Pennsylvania is changing that by providing free reliable child care during nontraditional hours.

Munah Kanu says, "I was able to accomplish a career that I never thought I would be able to do on my own."

Kanu’s life did a 180 for the better about six years ago when she became a part of the program “Along The Way.” Instead of being a struggling mom of three working part-time in retail. She’s now a licensed nurse that’s able to save money.

Kanu says, "I went to school full-time but Along The Way was there to provide those meals after I left school to go to work, take care of my children and it was just a peace of mind because it was either go to work or go to school and I was able to do both."

"Along The Way” provides free in-home child care to low-income single moms in Montgomery and Bucks Counties between 3PM and 7AM, plus weekends when schools and daycare centers are normally closed.

Kanu says, "The kids look forward to it. They came with their own board games and activities, even if they didn’t come with anything, they would research like science projects and I would come home to like volcanoes or like putty being made."

The 501 C-3 program also connects its clients to free legal consultations, career counseling, parenting support and other mentoring services.

Kanu says, "I didn’t have close family by for those resources or be able to rely on friends or family to provide that help but it was just a phone call away."

Now the nonprofit is hoping to bring its services to Monroe County. We’re told there’s a lot of single moms here that can truly benefit.

Along The Way Executive Director Kristina Valdez says, "There are 75,000 families that qualify as either living in poverty or ALICE so Asset Limited Income Constrained and Employed so struggling but can’t make ends meat. So that’s a huge number, 75,000 and that’s from the United Way and the United Way also lets us know that two out of three single moms are ALICE."

They already have fundraising events planned to help get the service up and running. One called "Coach Bag Bingo" is happening at Mountain View Vineyard in Hamilton Township on October 24th. But they need everyone in the community to band together.

 Valdez says, "There’s so many ways that individuals and businesses can get involved but really the biggest thing, our biggest expense is paying the caregivers to go into the homes of families to create the stability."

For more information or to donate just go to their website: