A unique competition in Lehighton has winners raising their glass to say cheers.

The point of the contest? Who could hold it the longest!

Insurrection Distillery celebrates fall a little early Saturday with an Octoberfest. Crowds came out to watch people compete in a stein holding competition as they enjoyed German music, food, and lots of beer.

"It's an Octoberfest event. You just hold out your stein full of beer. The person that holds it the longest wins. It's pretty simple, just a fun game to play get people together and see who can hold their beer the longest without drinking it."

The winner of the men's competition held his stein up for three minutes and fifty-five seconds. The women's division winner held hers for an even three minutes...

"It was great. I get to go to Steel Stacks and represent Half Barrel Brewery for state stein holding."

"How did the competition go? 'I won...cheers!'"

Both winners will compete in the state competition at Steel Stacks next month. Organizers of the Octboberfest say they hope to make the event an annual thing.