A Monroe County farm holds a special program for kids to promote organic farming. 

Pocono Organics in Long Pond is holding a seven week program to guide the next generation of potential farmers. The "Farm Tales" program kicked off last week with an introduction to organic farming, and continued this morning with composting. Each week a different aspect of farming and the importance of eating organic food will be covered. Organizers say the goal is to teach kids valuable lessons early in life so they can start good habits now.

"I don't think that happened when I was six or eight years old, but today my son knows that he doesn't want to eat M&Ms, he knows he doesn't want to eat candy every meal. He loves it, he's not going to do it. He understands that he wants cucumbers and carrots and all kinds of things in his lunchbox. So, that's all we're trying to do here is continue to educate and be part of the community," Ben May, Pocono Organics Marketing, said.

The program takes place every Monday at 10 a.m.. It's geared towards ages three to six and it's free to attend.