To effectively run a vaccine clinic, sometimes it takes volunteers to make it happen. Lehigh County dedicated its annual "Unsung Heroes" ceremony to the people who helped the Allentown Health Bureau with their vaccination efforts.

About 70 people were celebrated for their service. The city health bureau needed a lot of help early on in the process, and these people came together to make it happen at a time when everyone was staying apart. Not all recipients were able to attend including New Tripoli couple Barbara and Ronald Mohr. They were acknowledged for their devotion to the process.

Allentown Health Buraeu Director Vicky Kistler said, "The Mohr's are an example of the type of volunteer we had. They did anything they were asked to do. They stepped in to direct traffic. To register people. To offer support to people who were afraid. To help them schedule their next appointment. To fill out a form." she said, "I get choked up when I think about how selfless these people were. And how we need that. We just need so much more of that."

The same volunteers will likely be needed during booster shot clinics.