A massive Carbon County mapping project is complete and online for the public to use. This new application allows you to view all Carbon County land data.

GIS mapping director Jason Shellhammer just launched the new system yesterday after it's been years in the making. This allows people to search for all Carbon County land from hiking and biking trails to property titles and ownership. You can also find your local polling place and all the latest COVID-19 data. Shellhammer saidit was never all online in one place before.

"And that's what this resource will allow you to do. You won't have to scramble and try to find things on what can be convoluted or difficult to use websites." He said, "You're going to go bang right into the mapping applications and its right there for you."

Shellhammer has an introduction video posted to the Carbon County GIS Facebook page for anyone who wants to learn how to use it.