A Palmerton native shares her experience of winning the top prize in a popular televised baking competition.

Current Las Vegas resident Natalie Collins-Fish and her teammate Luis Flores strut their baking skills to win $100,000 on the Fox reality series Crime Scene Kitchen. On the show bakers use crumbs and flour trails as clues to decode the type of dessert that was prepared in the kitchen. They're then asked to recreate the dessert from scratch for judges.

Collins-fish says she was in a state of shock when they announced her team as the winner.

"I was like are you sure? I'm like are you sure like this is real? And they're like yes this is real and like all the fireworks started going off and I was like oh my god this is actually happening and then to come home and not be able to tell anybody too was like everyone is like what happened? Did you win? I can't tell anybody."

Collins-Fish says with everything happening so fast on the show it was almost more emotional watching the announcement on TV... and then there was the outpouring of love from her hometown of Palmerton.

"Everybody from our hometown is 100% like so supportive. I have teachers reaching out to me from high school and like I mean it's just awesome seeing a small town come together and like really just support someone who, they have no idea who I am, like they don't know, they just know that I'm from there, so it's really special."

The winners say most of the prize money will go toward opening a bakery with her teammate in Las Vegas.