A Pike County school district sees an increase in covid-19 cases.

The Delaware Valley School District has reached double digits with both students and staff testing positive.

A total of 10 students and staff tested positive for Covid-19 in the Delaware Valley School District.

“Every day is a new day and we have to constantly track the numbers to see what is coming. “

100 people have also been quarantined over the last 41 days.

“Without effective contact tracing then you don’t have that mitigation and now you can have a spread. And it could spread from one student or staff member to another to another to another. “

And with little guidance from the state, the school’s scrambling to figure that part out on their own.

“98 percent of the contact tracing isn’t being done by the state agency like they told us they would, we are doing that. Is that an extra burden? It’s a huge burden on us.

To control the spread, classrooms are deep cleaned every single night.

“I truly believe without that those 10 cases would have been a lot more. “

And with flu season around the corner, Bell believes the worst is yet to come

“These are the crunch months, November, December and January because you’re going to have flu season with it. “

Health officials urge flu shots, since coronavirus symptoms can mirror the flu.

“They should get them now, get them done and over with so they can differentiate between covid and the flu.

And for Bell, it’s going to take all hands on deck to prevent an outbreak. “

“We need to monitor the numbers every day, we need to be cognizant, we need to be aware because the next for months are going to be tough. “