As cases of COVID-19 continue to surge across America, concerns are mounting over what the fall and winter could bring.

"I'm worried about what's ahead. It's kind of scary but I'm trying to live my life the best I can with wearing a mask and being extra careful," said Heather Ahner of Palmerton.

The director of the CDC said this week he is worried about the challenges our country may face as schools reopen and flu season gets underway. Here at home, doctors say we shouldn't be too alarmed.

"What we try to avoid and do avoid is overreacting or scaring the public that there isn't going to be healthcare and beds and so on. That's not been the experience in Pennsylvania," said Dr. Luther Rhodes, an infectious diseases specialist at Lehigh Valley Health Network.

In order to keep local case counts down, Dr. Rhodes stresses the importance of continuing to take precautions, especially wearing a mask.

"When you're out of your home, and you're in your home or even at work, depending on the circumstances, it turns out a mask is an important part of interrupting COVID transmission," said Dr. Rhodes.

"I think it's very important to protect everyone around you and I don't feel we have enough information yet to say you can't transmit [the virus] outside," said Mary Ann Leister of East Greenville.

The CDC's director believes if everyone across the country wore a mask in public, we could bring the virus under control in just four to eight weeks.

"I would say it's speculation but it's good speculation. It's a reasonable thing to suggest," said Dr. Rhodes.

His comments come as some individuals continue to resist the governor's mask mandate.

"I guess to each their own. I wear a mask, I feel it's better safe than sorry," said Ahner.

As of Wednesday, Pennsylvania has now topped 97,000 cases of COVID-19, closing in on that grim 100,000 case mark.