At this time each year people of all ages from across the country take a trip on the Delaware River

For eight days.The sojourn begins in New York and works its way to Philadelphia.

This marks the 25th anniversary of the Delaware River Sojourn

It's the 25th anniversary of the Delaware River Sojourn.

"Which is quite the milestone I think and it's all about the celebration of the Delaware River."

More than a hundred people tagged along on this landmark expedition.

" Its really one of the cleanest rivers in the country and it provides the drinking water to New York. "

"Its really just a majestic river and it gives you a full appreciation of what these undamned rivers are like. "

Shondra Green calls this a unique opportunity to experience the largest un-damned river east of the Mississippi.

"To have an understanding what a natural environment is supposed to look like, what it does look like before human intervention sets in. "

Conservationists point out the importance of this 8-day crash course on the river.

"People who are engaged with the natural world and the river want to conserve it more, want to protect it more and are a little more cognizant with what's going on. "

and the Park Service credits the soujourn for inspiring others to keep the river clean.

"Its really an opportunity for people to see, explore, and immerse themselves in the river and get a look at its beauty.

And even though she had to battle some bugs- Greene calls this a trip she will never forget.

"It was good, it was wonderful actually."

The last leg of the trip will take place Saturday as kayakers paddle from Bordentown to Florence NJ.