May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, but June, July, and August are when you'll really start to see people out on the beaches, at the pools, and enjoying the sunny weather.

If you are out, and not wearing sun screen it could have some rather scary effects. We spoke with Mariah Veley, who use to tan as a teen. In March of 2019, she was diagnosed with skin cancer while she was 22 weeks pregnant.

Mariah and her baby girl are both now healthy, but it doesn't mean Mariah wasn't worried. Because she was pregnant, a lot of testing, and treatment had to wait. She says at first she was more worried about her loved ones, and making sure they knew she'd be alright. Mariah says using tanning beds isn't worth it, and she recommends anyone who does spend significant time outside, wear sunscreen all the time.

The FDA says a 15 SPF sunscreen is enough to prevent cancer, however the American Academy of Dermatology says you shouldn't go out with anything less than 30SPF.