The state Auditor General says the Pennsylvania Turnpike is facing a "road to ruin" and he's calling for legislators to step in.

Eugene DePasquale released his latest audit of the Turnpike Commission Friday morning.

Financial records show the turnpike is approximately $11.8 billion in debt, an amount the Auditor General says will soon be more than the debt of the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Tolls are expected to triple in under 30 years, which may continue to force drivers off the highway.

"The idea that motorists and truckers on I-476 are going to be able to pay that back is literally delusional. It's not reality," said Auditor General Eugene DePasquale.

The Auditor General is asking state lawmakers to revise Act 44 which require the Turnpike Commission to divert PennDOT for transit projects.

"The amount of money this turnpike needs under current law to continue to operate as is, is simply not sustainable," said DePasquale.

The turnpike is also currently involved in a lawsuit filed by groups representing truckers which alleges the state is violating federal law by making Turnpike customers pay for non-turnpike projects and services.

The Auditor General says there could be "catastrophic" impact if the state loses in court.