Municipal police and state police are cracking down on aggressive drivers in Pennsylvania.

PennDOT's Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project aims to reduce the number of aggressive-driving related crashes.

Starting march 18th anyone pulled over for aggressive driving will receive a citation.

Municipal and state police are cracking down on aggressive drivers.

"Alot of the things we see are speeding, tailgating, people running through red lights." says Sgt. Dave Zegarski of the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department.

And with the snow melting and sun shining , he anticipates more problems on the road.

"With the warmer weather we are seeing alot more aggressive drivers on the roads."

Highway safety officials warn drivers to stay far away from anyone driving aggressively.

"When you come across an aggressive driver do not engage with them in any way shape or form."

Christina Sullivan,from Lackawanna Highway Safety, calls confronting these drivers, the biggest mistake you can make.

"Do not make eye contact, do you not gesture at them, just slow down and call 911."

More than 50-thousand tickets were issued during last years aggressive driving campaign.

"People dont realize aggressive driving can be anything, speeding, not stopping for stop lines, running red lights and weeving in and out of traffic" says Jack DaSilva of the Milford Police Department.

and DaSilva calls the extra manpower a big help to keeping the roads safe.

"When people see us out, they pump the brakes and they slow down. "

Penn Dots Aggressive Driving Campaign runs through April 28th.