School districts in pike county won't be spending extra time in the classroom because of the snow.

Wallenpaupack and Delaware Valley school district both have 11 snow days built into their calendar.

Not only do the school districts not have to adjust the calendar - but they are in the best shape they've been in years.

It's hasn't been too harsh of a winter for John Bell.

"We really haven't got crushed by any big storms, its just been this annoying sleet and ice.

The DV Superintendent says the school only burned 8 of their 11 snow days. Last year they broke a record.

"Its crazy in 2016 we only used 2 and in 2018 we broke the record with 18 so you never know."

But Bell points out the district's avoided prolonging the school year. Graduation is on schedule for June 14th.

"We have everything intact, all our vacations, spring break and all of that" says Bell.

Wallenpaupack School district took a different approach this year. Assistant Superintendent, Keith Gunuskey says Instead of only locking in only seven days snow days, they added 5 more.

"We used to have seven of those we added 5 more- and we used nine so we have 3 days remaining."

Ganusky points out how the extra week gave the school much more flexibility.

"That way we don't have to worry about the extra days and we can air on the side of safety which is something we strive to do."

And for the first time in years. the students won't have their spring break or any holidays compromised.

"This is the first time we have had Presidents Day off in so many years, I think the students enjoyed that and its something we want to see in the future."

Graduation for Wallenpaupack students is scheduled for June 21st and DV is on schedule for June 14th.