Construction is underway for the first dog park in Monroe County's West End.

Workers are busy clearing a two and a half acre area at the West End Regional Park off of Merwine Hilltop Road in Chestnuthill Township. It may not look like much now but it's sure to be a tail-wagging experience. 

Executive Director Bernie Kozen of the West End Park & Open Space Commission explains, "We broke ground recently for our regional dog park, which is exciting for the community. There’s been a lot of interest over the years."

The first-ever dog park in the West End will be unique compared to others in the county that have a single fenced in area.

Kozen says, "We’re going to have three separate areas, enabling us distinction from the small and larger dogs, and also one held in reserve so we can always have the grass replenishing."

Plus man's best friend won't be scratching its ears with nothing to do. 

Kozen adds, "Different obstacles for the dogs to run through and under and over, could be ramps, buried tires, just anything pipes. Anything that a dog’s curiosity would be perked up."

It's happening in two phases. The first will include the park itself, parking, the entrance and stormwater controls at a cost of over 200 thousand dollars.

We’re told this project received a lot of community support. It’s actually completely funded by grants and the community’s donations. People we spoke with today tell us it’s exactly what this area needs.

We found Niko and his owner taking advantage of the trail in Chestnuthill Township Park, and they can't wait for it to open this summer, weather permitting. Phase two will add additional parking and stormwater controls, along with restrooms, a pavilion and additional trails leading into the rest of the park. The West End Park and Open Space Commission is currently working on filling out grants for that funding. They'll also be doing a fence membership drive.

Kozen explains, "Buy a plaque to be installed on the fence in memory of a previous pet or in honor of someone who may have been close to dogs."

If you'd like to participate or help, just call 570-992-9733. Providing a place for our four-legged friends in Monroe County's West End.