Today in Palmerton, four men appeared before a district judge for a preliminary hearing. The four men are accused of leading police on a high speed chase, for 17 miles and, and fifteen counts of receiving stolen property. Jean Engler, The Carbon County District Attorney says "We are very pleased the charges were bound over, now it goes to common pleas court which is really just the beginning of the story."

Each defendant had their own representation. All four asked for the charges to be dropped, because they felt there wasn't enough evidence. The judge denied those motions. They then asked for a greatly reduced bail, that motion was also denied. Mitchell Knight’s attorney had this to say about the decision "Some of the charges should have been dismissed, absolutely. Common wealth doesn't need much evidence at this point. So I think it went fairly well, we established some things that I think will be important later on."

Mitchell Knight is being accused of driving the vehicle. I asked Knight if, he was the driver, he replied "NO". I then asked who was. Knight "He gonna tell who was driving. but they wouldn't let us do that statement now but, black lives matter." We also spoke with a family member of one of the men. She says they are innocent. I asked if she was aware of where the stolen checks came from. Imajica Mottley, who was also family with the fifth man who is deceased, said "No I don't know anything about that. they came up here to visit."