The United Way of Monroe county, is giving residents the opportunity to have their taxes done completely for free. Its called the volunteer income tax assistance program, if a person's household income was 54,000 or less in 2018 the united way has volunteers that will file their taxes free of charge.
"Using our service is completely free, you save that money and also make sure you are getting the most amount back you possibly can," said Lucas Debarloto, VITA Program Coordinator. "We’re not going to charge them for anything, we are going to make sure they’re getting back as much as they’re legally allowed to," he added.
Representatives tell News13, having a trained professional performing your tax preparation can help you avoid problems with the IRS.
To get more information on the program just call 570-629-5657 ext. 117 . Or if you are wanting to do it online, The United Way sponsors a website,