Clients of Family Promise shared a meal with Carbon county commissioners Friday, the goal is to show how grant dollars are used.

"What we want our commissioners to see, is that this shelter does work and we get great results," said Family Promise board member, Tina Dowd.  "We're having a huge impact, when they are talking to people in Harrisburg at DECD they have the knowledge, to say what we do here," she added.

Carbon County Commissioner, Wayne Nothstein told News13 hosting events like this will bring more awareness to the program and possibly help them be approved for funding.

   "The people that are looking at the grants, sometimes its really hard to convey what is happening or how those funds are really being spent," said Nothstein. "if only we could drag those people into these facilities, and show them what it does for these people," he added.

Family promise board members, are hoping Fridays dinner brought enough awareness to help them get grant funds in the future.