We spoke with Cheryl Bolich, who lives right by mill creek in Port Carbon, and was hit hard by this past summers floods. She says this about the day of the floods. "It happened early in the morning even thought we weren't really aware the creek was up as high as it was, and by the time we got the warning it was already over its banks. so your just trying to hustle as quickly as possible to save what you can."

Now the state is dedicating a $325,000 grant to help prevent this from happening again. We spoke with Jennifer Kowalonek who helped develop the plan. "Basically educate the public in what they're doing and how that effects flooding in the borough. and then ultimately do some public outreach, making sure residents are aware of there actions and how that impacts flooding."

With the money a street sweeper will be added. Another part of the plan is to get rid of all gravel bars to increase flow.

"Gravel bars are basically deposit bars that are sediment that form in the stream channel because at some point it was moving very swiftly, and then it kind of dropped out in a certain location because of velocity of the stream, or possibly the slope."

This plan relies on both government and the community working together. Kowalonek says "Not one solution exists, its going to be a combination of solutions, and a number of phases."