Since November 15th there has not been a significant winter storm in the Poconos, and the lack of snowfall is affecting businesses who depend on it. During the winter months Blocker enterprise in Lehighton sees a rise in sales when it snows, this year it has been a different story.
"Last year we were really busy, this year not so much right now." said Troy George with Blocker Enterprise. "I would say gear and the snow plows, and snow blowers people are not thinking about it until we actually see a big snow," he added.
The lack of snowfall is also taking a toll on local resorts, Blue Mountain currently only has 22 of their 39 ski trails open.
"We need it to snow in Philly, Jersey and Delaware so people realize its still winter," said Director of Sales & Marketing for Blue Mountain, Tricia Matsko. "It's not time to clean out the garage and start getting the spring sports stuff ready yet," she added.
Matsko also told News13, Blue Mountain hosts different events to drive more traffic to the resort during low snowfall times. However, a significant snow storm would help several Carbon county businesses thrive the way they normally would this time of year.