A Monroe County man is in court today charged with attempted homicide.

The altercation happened back in December between the defendant and his stepfather at a home in Hamilton Township. And the stepfather was shot in the shoulder.

20-year-old Brendan Ruprecht of Saylorsburg is charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and possessing instruments of the crime.

Defense Attorney Thomas Sundmaker says, "This certainly was not premeditated, he had no intention of having happen what did happen. He's very very upset about it. He's very remorseful and unfortunately it shows you how quickly things can happen when there's a firearm involved."

According to court paperwork, an argument broke out between Ruprecht and his stepfather on December 4th over what the WiFi password was at his mother's home on Hillside Avenue in Hamilton Township.

Ruprecht's mom Lori Ace adds, "Jim and I were separated. I asked him to leave because of him being abusive. That evening we went out on a date night to try to reconnect and he attacked him."

Ace was asleep on the couch and woke up to a gunshot. She found her son on the phone with 911. Ruprecht said he shot his stepfather in the shoulder and that his stepfather wouldn't stop coming at him.

Ace says, "The police have pinned it as if this was something that my son did without provocation but if you could see what the family room looked like when he threw a phone at him, overturned his desk chair, slammed him up against a wall."

The stepfather told police he shoved Ruprecht while he was sitting at the computer. They had a verbal argument but no threats were made by either person. The stepfather left the room to make a fire and came back to hear Ruprecht say, "get out, I don't want you here no more." And then he shot him. Ace tells us the stepfather was always going after her son and that's why they had separated.

Ace says, "I am in the worst place possible, I still love my husband and I love my son."

Ruprecht waived his right to a preliminary hearing today and all charges were sent to Monroe County Court.