Assurance K-9 Detection is owned and operated by Sara Yaeger, a US army Veteran with 10 years of experience handling working canines. She returned from the service to her hometown of Lehighton. She says the community drug problem has worsened since she left for the army.  She tells us "We are having a war on drugs and it's right here at home."

She obtained a drug detection dog through PennVet Working Dog Training Center. Ellie, an 18 month old German Shepherd is trained to sniff out  marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other narcotics.  

The pair is hoping to serve private clients including schools, prisons, parents or guardians and business owners. " I just want people to know I'm here and to utilize me.  All I want to do is help the community".

For more information on pricing and availability you can check out their website (