New legislation being proposed looks to make life in prison without parole, a thing of the past.

Senator, Sharif Street introduced the bill, to give criminals serving life in prison a chance at redemption.

Pike County DA, Ray Tonkin says it's unthinkable to allow violent criminals to walk the streets.

The Bill opens up the possibility of parole for criminals serving a life prison sentence. Tonkin says currently, those convicted of 1st and 2nd degree murder aren't eligible for parole.

"Currently a person convicted of first or second degree murder under PA law are not ever eligible for parole. Its a true life sentence." says Tonkin.

But under Senate Bill, 942, people serving life sentences would be parole eligible after 15 years.

"The question is do I think someone who gets out of jail after the span of this bill would commit murder again, the answer is yes." says Tonkin.

Tonkin also points out how the bill would not only endanger the public, but undermine the entire criminal justice system.

"It creates wholesale changes to allow brutal murderers to walk free- when judges and juries have made the decision that shouldn't happen. Adds Tonkin.

Many folks in the community agree. They're convinced that if someone killed once, they wouldn't have much trouble doing it again.

" I mean they could easily do it again, they're repeaters and I wouldn't want them anywhere near me." says Milford resident, Joe Ryder.

The bill has gained ground on both sides of the aisle, but there is no timeline on when it will be voted on in Harrisburg.