A farm in Wayne County is going solar.

The Willow Wisp Organic Farm in Damascus Township had the panels installed this week.

The 168 solar panels will power the various greenhouses, buildings, and family home on the 90 acres of property.

It cost 90-thousand dollars to convert the organic farm to solar energy. Greg Swartz and his wife Tannis Kowalchuk took out a loan from the clean energy co-opt to cover the hefty price tag.

Swartz says he realizes that its a big investment to make, but points out the amount of money he will be saving down the road.

"Its a long-term investment, so the pay-back period is nine years and then we will be getting free electricity." said Swartz.

His wife, Tannis hopes to see more farms making the transition to solar.

She believes with the ban on fracking closing one door for farmers, renewable energy provides limitless opportunities for farmers to profit off their land.

" You get to make money off your land, its progressive and its just a great idea. "