Carbon County Commissioners Approve a more than 4.9 million dollar budget for the county's Children and Youth Agency. This as the State Auditor General's report reveals the agency paid millions of dollars for services over the past six years, but the agency can't confirm that the services paid for, were actually provided. News 13's Katya Fitzpatrick spoke with the fiscal officer who says things aren't how they appear on paper.

"I know what it says and it doesn't look good, but I think that it doesn't necessarily mean that we as an agency have done anything wrong." Instead the Carbon County Children and Youth Fiscal Officer, Anissa Nunemacher, says it boils down to paperwork potentially being filled out incorrectly. "Monitoring a little bit better some of the bills that come in for different providers because certain providers have a set of rules and regulations that they need to follow and some of them don't. A report released in May by the State Auditor General reveals more than 3.5 million dollars paid to in-home service providers by the agency, could not be verified. "We're taking the recommendations that they put in the audit report very seriously and moving forward we're doing what we need to do to make sure that doesn't happen." This morning, commissioners approved more than 4.5 million dollars for the agency's 2019-2020 fiscal budget. The agency also made another request. "We're asking for two new caseworkers, because we had over 1800 cases last fiscal year. That's a lot of cases." CPS, Jill Geisinger says the agency has 18 caseworkers, each at capacity handling 30 cases but the state is now asking the agency to lower the ration to 19 cases per worker.