Pike County's long time president judge is putting down the gavel for good. 

Joe Kameen has retired from the bench. Kameen was elected judge back in 2004, but some lingering health problem forced the judge to take a leave of absence. 

Kameen hasn't presided over any cases in over a year because of his health issues. He was diagnosed with a neuromuscular  disorder that impaired his speech. 

Attorneys say it caused a huge backlog in the courts with only one judge overseeing the county. Kameen's term as judge runs until 2019. It will be up to the governor to appoint someone to fill the void on the interim. 

Once the Governor makes the appointment, they will need a two-thirds approval vote from the senate to confirm the appointment. 

Whoever does get appointed will only hold the position on an interim basis. They will need to run again for judge in November of 2019.