A Pike County municipality voices concerns over new regulations being proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection. 

A new DEP policy being discussed would require townships to monitor their on-site septic systems. 

Shohola Township Supervisor, George Fleur, says the proposed policy would be financially crippling. " We would have to hire two people full-time to just go house to house and make sure people were having their systems pumped. " 

Under the DEP's proposal, residents would be required to have their sewage tanks pumped once every three years and it would be up to the Township to make sure each household complies with those regulations. " the cost to tax payers would be absolutely astronomical" says Fleur. 

Fleur's not just concerned with cost, its also the scientific data he's worried about. " DEP tried to pass similar regulations about 5-6 years ago and it didn't work then."

Economic leaders in Pike County say stricter regulations are unnecessary and ridiculous. Pike EDA Director, Mike Sullivan's convinced the new regulations, if passed would choke further development and hurt the local economy.  "We are more enamored with regulations her in PA than we are with progress, its just terrible."  says Sullivan. 

DEP insists these are only proposed statewide regulations, but nothing has been approved. They are holding a public comment section that runs through May 8th. 

Shohola Township plans to strongly oppose the policy and get state and local leaders involved to help them vote it down.