Things are finally returning back to normal for thousands of residents in Pike County.

Most of the damage from the March 2nd nor'easter has been repaired and the lights are back on for most people living in the Poconos.

Only about 50 customers still don't have power in all of Pike County. County officials believe they made the best of a terrible situation, but add there is always room for improvement..

EMA director Tim Knapp's proud of the response from volunteers following the storm. The Dingman Township Fire Department opened up as a shelter for displaced residents. Volunteers cooked up three meals a day and gave folks a warm place to sleep and shower for eight straight days.

Knapp says the county's response even surpassed the effort they put in during the Eric Frein manhunt and Hurricane Sandy.

Though he's proud of the response, he adds there is always room for improvement.

The County is planning an after-action assessment. Officials plan to bring together utility companies,Penn Dot, and state lawmakers to see what areas can be improved on the next time disaster strikes.'