Linda Aprahamian fears her family will soon be out on the street. A couple of weeks ago, they received notice that the home they've been renting in Price Township for eight years is foreclosed and they were given 10 days to get out. There are five people who currently live at the home. Linda who is disabled, her husband Leo, her father who is on oxygen with congestive heart failure and other health problems, and two teenage boys. Her third son just moved out to try to lessen the burden. Plus they're on a limited income. Linda says Leo is only making eight dollars an hour at a cleaning job because he can't find a job in his profession.
Linda frantically started making calls to see what they could do and only one paid off. Congressman Matt Cartwright's office bought them more time. They have 45 days till they need to be out of the house and that leaves them till the date of July 11th.
But their situation hasn't changed and now they don't know where to turn. So they called us hoping someone in the community would know how to help them or would know of a place they can live. If you would like to help the Aprahamian family, just call them at 570-236-4972.