The Nestle Water Company will no longer be extracting water in Eldred Township. Officials say the surprise announcement was made during last nights township board of supervisors meeting. Last year Nestle Waters officials worked a deal with Gower Estates to allow them to extract 200,000 gallons of water a day to use for its Deer Park Waterline. Last night the Nestle representative says the project no longer fits into either the Gower Estates or the Nestle Waters long term vision. Even after the news Eldred Township officials still have a degree of skepticism. Eldred Township Supervisor Gary Hoffman says, "I'm very cautiously optimistic hopefully this doesn't return, I think my one comment was to the audience I said remember our history so it doesn't repeat itself, so we don't fall back into this again." Nestle officials will be holding final office hours at the old Eldred Elementary School to answer any final questions.